Route Choice Game is the game where you can learn to find shortest route choices in sprint orienteering.

In the game player sees a leg which has two route choice options: left and right. Player must choose the shorter one. Player's goal is to minimise route choice mistakes and time used to make route choice.

The game has limited amount of different route choice leg models, but in each model sizes of elements and locations of controls are varying within defined limits. With this logic billions of different route choice legs can be created by single route choice leg model. In each model both route choices are approximately just as often shorter.

The game is above all competition against yourself. Player's goal is to be able to improve success rate of route choices and reduce time used to make route choices. The stats of the game will show successful player is. Player can also compere own results to other players.

When player has a lot of games, the game is able to calculate biases of route choice selections.

You can make route choice by clicking buttons on the screen, or left or right side of the map or using keyboard 1 (left) / 3 (right). New leg can be loaded by clicking the map, "Play again" button or "R" from the keyboard.

Before starting you can train playing the game with test course. Games in the test course won't affect to statistics.

Improvement ideas and feedback: Tuomo Mäkelä /